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Technical Skills

Sunmerge is a company, with a technical skill-set matching the in-vogue technology trends in the IT-marketplace. Sunmerge maintains a wide-spectrum of technical-expertise to enable it to deal with diverse technology needs of its clientele. The company periodically recruits ‘in-the-know’ specialists with proven skills in a specific technology. We strongly believe in recruiting people with a strong passion for Technology rather than key-pounding software professionals, which reflects in our rigorous recruitment process (Technical Discussion phase, Technical ‘challenge’ test, etc.). In addition to providing the best-of-the-breed IT solutions, Sunmerge also assists clients in choosing viable solutions at par with their cost / performance / quality criteria.

The technical expertise base of Sunmerge is in the following areas:

Programming Languages
Microsoft Java
ASP (1.0, 2.0, .NET) Java, JSP, Servlets
C, C#, C++ EJB, Java 1.2 / Java 1.3
VBScript, VB 5.0/6.0, VB.Net Java Mail, Java Media Framework
Windows Programming Java RMI, JNDI
MFC Java Speech, Java Swing
PHP Shell Programming
Lotus Notes (Development) UNIX Shellscripting
Perl Zeus
SAP R/3 – ABAP/4 Version 4.6B XML / XSL / XSLT
Intelligent Agents CORBA
Application Servers
WebLogic Lotus Domino
WebSphere MTS 2.0
Apache and Tomcat Application Server Administration
IIS 4.0 Notes Application Server
iPlanet WebServer CORBA
ORACLE 7.x /8.x/8i IBM-DB2
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000 MySQL
ORACLE 8.0 DBA Database Administration
Operating Systems
UNIX Mac OS (v8.6/v9.0)
Linux MS-DOS (v6.22)
Windows (NT/98/2000/XP) Solaris

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